50 Ways to Use the Year At A Glance Page In Your Planner

Got a new 2020 Happy Planner? Looking for a way to use the year at a glance page in your planner? Here are 50 Ways to use the year at a glance page in your planner.

50 ways to use the year at a glance pages in your happy planner

I got very excited when my new 2020 Happy Planners have a gorgeous new year at a glance view. I love them, but I scratched my head for a few weeks to figure out what I would use them for. Perhaps if I was struggling, other people might be as well. So I came up with 50 ways to use the year at a glance page in your planner.

There is a variety of ways you can use it. In my social media planner, I’ll be using it for my YouTube schedule. I had been so bad about scheduling days to shoot, edit, and upload videos over last year, so I decided that this would help me make sure I do it regularly. You could also do this for Instagram since the algorithm considers how often you post (you want to post daily for the best views).

You could use this in a variety of ways, but I think using it as a habit tracker really lends itself to a lot of different uses. You could use it to record running times, your weight, water intake, your number of reps and a number of other fitness activities.

50 Ways to Use the Year At a Glance Page

  1. Biblical verse for the day
  2. Positive word of the day
  3. Steps / Miles
  4. Calories in/Calories Out
  5. Exercise schedule (e.g. arms, abs, yoga, walk, weights, etc)
  6. Birthdays and Anniversaries
  7. Water intake
  8. Dinner menu / Meal Planning
  9. Wellness activity
  10. Sleep hours
  11. Reading schedule / Books already read
  12. Work hours
  13. Body Weight / BMI
  14. Practice / Game schedule
  15. Handwriting practice: word of the day
  16. Savings account balance
  17. Checking account balance
  18. Skincare routine
  19. Digital detox activity
  20. Daily chore
  21. Social media post of the day
  22. Cleaning activity
  23. Daily decluttering
  24. Bill schedule
  25. Daily goal / Daily focus
  26. Mood tracker
  27. Money saved
  28. Daily spending
  29. Sales tracking
  30. Social media followers / Subscribers
  31. Youtube schedule
  32. Weekly spread theme
  33. Running times
  34. Current events
  35. Online order tracker (ordered and delivery dates)
  36. Weight reps
  37. Grocery spending
  38. Period tracker/ovulation tracker / sexual activity
  39. A memory of the day
  40. Weather
  41. Daily outfit
  42. Daily Gratitude
  43. Mileage
  44. Blood sugar tracker
  45. Volunteer dates
  46. Kids’ schedule
  47. Vitamin, supplement, medicine tracker
  48. Holidays (Observed and fun)
  49. Binge / TV schedule
  50. New Word a Day (Learn a new word every day)

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