Welcome! I’m Mary. I’m a modern day Renaissance girl. I have quite a colorful past. I’ve worked as an artist, a writer, an actor and even a model. I worked as an insurance adjuster for years and studied Psychology. See? I told you! These days, I spend my time in the hardest job I’ve ever had – motherhood.

I have found motherhood extremely challenging. Keeping little humans alive is no joke! This job isn’t as easy as it looks. I found myself lost and overwhelmed as a new mother, but like everyone does, you find your footing over time. Frankly, I was a perfect mother until I became one. Life has a way of humbling you.

I am far from perfect and I certainly don’t have all the answers, but this site is dedicated to all women in the motherhood journey. It’s my goal to share things that I’ve learned, things that worked for me, and give support to all you moms out there who are struggling or just plain need some advice and encouragement. Because girl, you can totally rock this mom thing and it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s idea of motherhood.

Hang in there, mama. You got this!





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